22. 08. 1940 born in Stettin

1962 - 1968 Student in biology and fine arts
Universities of Marburg and Giessen
1968 PhD in Zoology
Systematics of egg-larvae and evolution of split wings in plume moths (Pterophoridae)

1969 - 1982 Assistent, Ruhr-University Bochum
1979 Habilitation in Zoology: Interaction of circulation and tracheal ventilation in butterflies and moths

1982 - 1985 Professor for Zoology at University Duesseldorf
Thermoregulation in basking butterflies; Hemolymph supply of the butterfly wing

1985 - 2005 Professor and chair, Dept. of Zoology 1 at University Erlangen/Nuremberg
Circulation and respiration in diapausing, resting and flying insects.

Biology in hawk moths

1989 to  2001 Research projects in the tropics of Madagascar and Costa Rica

2005 Retired since October